South Korea’s Love for Soccer Boosted by Grassroots Training and Advancements in Technology

young boy;s love for soccerSouth Koreans typically exhibit a great love for soccer as they never fail to view real time soccer broadcast (실시간축구중계방송) locally relayed by smaller and newer networks. As a matter of fact, it’s typical for soccer lovers across different regions in SoKor to come together and form grassroots soccer teams. Their goal is to someday participate as members of their football clubs in their respective regions. Unconfirmed estimates place the number of Korean soccer enthusiasts who joined grassroots soccer teams at 600,000.

What Exactly is Grassroots Soccer?

Grassroots is touted as the first important pathway that leads to the development of a deep interest in a particular sport. In Korea, the dramatic change of people wanting to have direct involvement in the sports, not just as mere spectators. Apparently, such a desire became prevalent ever since the country hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

grassroots soccerIn the 1988 Seoul Olympics event, soccer or more popularly known as football was one of the sports that gained a major boost. More so when in 2002 the country was able to garner the privilege of hosting the FIFA World Cup together with Japan.

Advancements in Electronics and ICT, Boosted Popularity of Grassroots Soccer in Korea

Since SoKor has a reputation for having the world’s fastest Internet speed, and of being home to leading global IT and electronic companies, grassroots soccer team training easily found support in terms of technology. Apparently, advancements in technology helped maximize the overall grassroots experience for athletes, coaches and even parents supporting their kids in their pursuit of a successful future career in soccer.

Some examples of grassroot sports technology include innovative wearable devices, biometric sensors and GPS trackers, designed to monitor the heart rate,speed and other related information that provide insights on the outcomes of physical activities.

The data-driven approach in developing and training athletes, helps in creating training sessions that are more personalized in nature.

The Role of Korean Sports-Dedicated Broadcasters in Growing Koreans Interests in Sports

Several nascent streaming platforms had set new standards in sports entertainment in South Korea, as the demand for more sports content prevailed across the country. Their real time live broadcasting and streaming services provided fulfilment, since sports fans gained unparalleled access to various sports events.

Laser TV for one, relays not only real time streaming services but also real time broadcasts of TV news and events. Having immediate access to scores and other important sports information enables enthusiasts to conduct an in-depth analysis of live sports events as they happen.