The Impact of New Technologies on the Towing Industry

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I recently wrote the article for Tow Professional magazine, it informs the reader about what’s needed for tomorrow’s internet or “cloud-based” technology. However, before you surrender to your reliable PC-based management software, there’s much to contemplate.

Not all internet connections or software applications (Apps) are created equal; ensure your internet connection is reliable and capable of providing the bandwidth required for tomorrow’s business demands. additionally, are you able to hand over control of your company data to an unknown cloud warehouse server? Internet security is additionally an awfully important consideration, recent attacks on the right track and Macy’s should make us all cautious.

Within five years, Cloud-Based Technology will dominate, but right NOW, is it right for you?

It is a year since Tow Professional reviewed the industry software market and far has changed. New towing software vendors are entering the market, providing competition for the more experienced software companies who have a long-standing national presence. These prominent software brands, Beacon, Tracker, and VTS Systems have continued to add new features, and there’s a growing trend, initially started by VTS Systems, toward collaborating with other technology leaders, like Auto Data Direct and TomTom, providing expanded features at a lower cost. Over the past 12 months, Telematics or integrated GPS has become the fastest-growing segment and a requirement have for competitive, cost conscience owners. Integrated Telematics link together with your management software, providing “intelligent dispatch” and interactive driver/dispatcher input, together with real-time vehicle performance data. TomTom’s “Traffic” stands out as a serious advance, providing real-time updated traffic flow and congestion status, continually updating the quickest route from call inception to the incident location. When wont to optimize driver/truck efficiency, TomTom claims a 15 to twenty percent saving in fuel and maintenance costs.

Just memories are paper ledgers, paper invoices, manual lien letters, and visits to the Post Office for many towing companies such as Towing Santa Clara. Yet many within the industry are struggling to accommodate the never-ending advances in office automation. Not everyone caught the pc bug and to several, the recording machine within the office are some things you are doing not mess with. Therefore, it’s important for the software developers while providing additional cost-saving benefits, to stay the programs intuitive and straightforward to work.

By offering cloud-friendly operating systems, new operating platforms from Google et al. are challenging the dominance of Microsoft and Apple. However, Microsoft won’t hand over its global dominance of the OS market, without a fight. Launched in August 2012, Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS has successfully moved Microsoft firmly into cloud OS territory. However, for towing companies who are firmly entrenched within the traditional Windows 7 or previous versions of Microsoft OS, Windows 8 could be a steep learning curve.


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There is little doubt that web or cloud-based technology, together with smartphones, tablets, and a bunch of recent apps will dominate our industry within five years, however, is it the correct choice for your company?

If your business is found in a rural community or a city that has below standard or acceptable internet service, then cloud-based technology might not be for you. Before you throw caution to the wind and provide up your solid, reliable PC/server-based application, and jump into a cloud solution, there are preparations to form and inquiries to ask.

  • How reliable is your internet connection (Wide Area Network – WAN), and does one have a backup solution? “It isn’t IF your internet will FAIL, it is WHEN.”
  • Check your bandwidth capacity and also the time it takes your screen to refresh or change (latency) a slow internet not only costs money, it adds to daily frustrations, it’s operationally inefficient and a powerful indicator of underlying problems. To conduct an easy test of your internet speed, head to or the same testing service. to control a good cloud base tow management program, you must have a minimum latency or “PING” rate of but 30 ms (milliseconds), a download speed of not but 20 Mbps (megabits per second), and an upload speed of not but 5 Mbps. connections of up to 10 ms PING, 80 Mbps download, and 15 Mbps upload is what an efficient cable internet service will offer.
  • Invest in a very professional networking company to judge or build out your office network (Local Area Network – LAN). Build for the longer term, demand and internet speeds will only get faster. enforce 100/1000 or Giga switches, and if your budget will run thereto, CAT 6 instead of CAT 5 Ethernet cabling.
  • The reliable office network (LAN) of the longer term is going to be a tiered system both hard-wired and Wi-Fi wireless. There simply isn’t enough Wi-Fi wireless bandwidth to service a busy office. data collisions, data corruption, slowness of screen refreshes, and eventually crashes are some of the things that multiple wireless users will cause. Hardwire your network printers, semi-permanent laptops, All-in-One’s, and desk PCs. Not only is it more reliable, but it’s also safer. Leave the wireless bandwidth for smartphones and tablets.

A PC/server-based system can enter and release vehicles, print statements and operate almost normally even without the Internet… consider those facts. Without the web, a cloud-based business is dead! you’ll likewise end up the lights, close the door, and return.


9 Ways Technology Is Changing The Towing Industry Today

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While towing might not come to mind as an industry whose processes have changed much over the years, the reality is, like most businesses, technology has affected almost every aspect of the way we operate.

Payment System

Towing is essentially a cash-flow business, so it’s important we expedite payment (at low or no fees) whenever possible. Towing companies know that they need to stay up with technology when it involves receiving payments. Not all clients will pay in cash. Some choose to make payments online and this might require towing companies to set up payment systems accepting them.

Having the ability to supply other payment options helps attract more customers, although most companies still accept cash as payments. Online, MasterCard, or payments through apps some find online safer and convenient.


Technology also can help in managing and running the towing company. Rather than manually listing the schedule of the day, week, or month, it may be easily done through technology. It makes scheduling far less confusing to work out and much easier to try and do. There are various scheduling apps and software which will be accustomed to aid in such clerical tasks.

Logging Hours

Each of the drivers is going to be required a specific number of working hours. Traditional and manual methods would involve a Hollerith card while some simply check the attendance manually. It is often a challenging task to stay track of those. Luckily there are different apps that will be wont to make it easier to log in to begin their shift and log out after their shift. A transparent record of the hours is what the apps keep. This also makes it much easier to compute what proportion they need to be purchased. Additionally, the apps may also be accustomed to helping with their taxes.

Data Organization

What will certainly take time and space is filing a listing of clients and their information manually in folders. A computer designated to store such data is what most towing companies have already got in this digital world. Of course, they’d still be able to print out such data and have physical copies but having them stored digitally makes the data easier to sort, find, and store.


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Location Tracking And Route Creation

Tow truck drivers are answerable for getting the tow trucks to their destination but they aren’t alone in working out the simplest route to require to urge from one point to a different. To oversee where the tow trucks are currently in is what the GPS capabilities also allow someone. Visiting a delegated client when the decision comes, helps them determine who should be chargeable. It can help prevent confusion and multiple tow trucks servicing identical clients when only 1 is required.


Most people who need a truck will likely call the towing company. However, unless you market your services, they wouldn’t know the way to call. Some towing companies still use traditional marketing strategies but many are now enjoying the advantages of online marketing. Many folks are always on their phones so marketing on different platforms is additionally an excellent idea for towing companies.

High Definition Cameras For Documentation

To record the condition it’s currently in, it has to be documented first before a car gets towed. With high-definition cameras, this may be properly done. This prevents clients from making claims that the towing companies are answerable for damaging the vehicle when it’s already damaged in the first place.

Some tow trucks may additionally be fitted with cameras so they can record how the car is handled. How it’s loaded into the truck is what it can record. Towing companies may also opt to fit cameras at the rear of their trucks so drivers can check the vehicle that they’re towing while on the road.

Relay of knowledge

Some clients who call up a towing company may have their vehicles repaired onsite when the matter is simply minimal. However, there are some that might require more specialized services or an auto store intervention.

In such cases, technology can help the towing company transmit information immediately about the car they’re towing. Some towing companies use apps or software to assist them in easily inputting vehicle information, what was done, and what still must be done on the vehicle. This lessens paperwork that has to be filled up and it also makes it easier and faster to pass information.

Tow Truck Upgrades

The availability of higher tow trucks is one of the most beneficial technology within the towing industry. There are now better models available and upgrades may be done on older models. The towing equipment of today is more reliable and might offer better safety not just for clients but also for the wrecker drivers. At helping clients get out of their difficult situations, towing companies are better with better equipment.


Your Child’s Brain on Video Games


Currently official

“Video Game Disorder” is another illness, similar to cocaine and gambling addiction. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined criteria for diagnosing this addiction to video games.

It’s worth remembering that 2.5 billion people around the world play these games and addiction only affects the minority. What are the signs of addiction in our teens, and what can we do about it?


They go through a complex stage where his body changes and his emotions clash. Escape to video games can be a “lifeline”.

You can talk about excessive consumption and addiction to these games that affect school performance and set aside social relationships.



According to Marthylle Lagadec, the term “addiction” mainly affects adults when it comes to overplaying video games among young people. The situation is more complicated for young people, especially how new technology affects one’s behavior. “We can’t really talk about the addiction of young people. They are generally looking for themselves and find it difficult to come out professionally.”

When you play the game, you actually perform functions that cannot be found or are inaccessible. At that point, the game is no longer recreational, but more isolated, making it an inappropriate dressing solution. ”

Teenagers at the edge

Without recognizing it, the teenager loses control over his video game consumption. He finds it difficult to stop online gambling and playing video games, smartphones, and online mobile games, despite the restrictions imposed by his parents.

Since video games have become his only source of joy, he can express sadness, anger, and overreact when he quits. Having no opportunity to play, the young man feels a shortage and expresses it through his attitude.

Impact on school grades

“Poor grades, poor concentration, memory, sleep disorders … addiction to video games can have a serious impact on a child’s social life,” addiction experts warn.

“He is isolated and is less and less interested in playing with his friends and interacting with his classmates. He is reluctant to engage in sports or recreational activities and calms down in front of the screen. I like that. ”

Malfunction of the reward system

Teenagers get hooked on activities when it becomes the only way they feel good. “For example, kids have free afternoons and can do whatever they want, but they always love to play,” explains the expert.

How can you help your child?

Video games should not be a major haven for teenagers. “We encourage children to do other activities, meet friends, and prioritize social life.

He enjoys out of the game without realizing his favorite entertainment. You have to help. “Otherwise, it becomes frustrating, and sometimes frustration shifts to another addiction.