Translation Technology: Should We Use Machine Translators?

Today, more and more people are ready to rely on various computer translation solutions. This time, I’m not just talking about google translate, which is essentially unable to translate long and complex texts correctly, but also various other solutions. But for many who wants precise results for their needed translations, it is still best to rely on professional translation services like RedLines.

RedLines is practically new to the language services industry but they are good at what they do. Their website offers fun content for their readers like their recent post, “countries that start with d“. They have an experienced team composed of translators, editors, and designers that can deliver your much-needed projects just on time.

Machine versus Human Translation

Literal translation

It should be understood that when translating text on the Internet or in various programs, they take any word literally and that is how they translate it. For this reason, the text becomes unsaturated with figurative expressions of the language (aphorisms, sayings, phraseology, etc.) and is too static. Any saying in Latvian will never sound and mean the same thing in other languages, and different words have different meanings, the use of which differs from the context and logic, so the machine translator is not able to choose the required word in the given situation.

Verb tenses vary

Languages ​​differ not only in writing style, word meanings, and other criteria but also in times and tenses. An example is the Estonian language, which has only four verb tenses – one present and three past. We can judge for ourselves what a translated text from Latvian into Estonian will look like if we want to tell, for example, our future plans.

Unverified translation result

Obviously, if a machine translator solution is used, then the user is not sure about their abilities in the language. But what if you want to check if the result is correct? The only thing you can do is bring this translation to someone who knows the language. But maybe immediately entrust this work to a specialist in the field – a translator – who will perform these duties much better and in this way you will be able to avoid various disagreements when the translated text or its fragment is not understood.

If we look at it as a whole, sometimes simpler texts that are only needed for oneself or communication with friends can indeed be translated into machine translators, but for the translation of various documents, longer texts or works whose translated version must be completely orthographically correct, stylistically, I would recommend the use of professional translators who will do the job much better and with a 100% guarantee.

Blockchain Technology and Video Games


At some point, it had to be so far. Blockchain technology has reached the world of video games. The first major gaming companies feel their future there, expect great profits, and players should be able to make money.

French manufacturer Ubisoft has started and is considering the right concept. In games such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, players will be able to acquire and actually own game content such as special characters, powerful weapons, and even chic costumes in the future. Not only as a kind of digital loan but also as an actual asset.

The game content can be traded using NFTs.

Digital commodities can be owned using NFTs with non-fungible tokens. Title certificates are stored on the blockchain. For example, you could virtually capture a tweet and auction it for $ 2.9 million. Of course, the property can be sold into like for example to sell csgo skins for paypal. And, of course, make sure the game maker makes money on every transaction.

The game “CryptoKitties” shows how it is done. Here, everything revolves around the breeding of virtual cats. Virtual cats are bought and sold in the community using the cryptocurrency ether. Some virtual kittens are already changing hands with the 6-digit euro.

Virtual products that have no impact on the actual game are valuable to players without an NFT connection. They buy unusual mounts for role-playing games, special colors for action game weapons, and fun hats for Fortnite characters. The virtual object is a gold mine. Last year, the industry earned $ 54 billion worldwide.

So far, these items are not player’s and are only licensed on modified NFTs.

The game is getting serious and working

It will raise a whole new question. Just a Mind Game: What if my € 150,000 NFT spaceship is stolen or shot down by another player in the game? Can I then use my opponent?

And what does it ultimately do in games and games in the end?

We then no longer play to experience an exciting story, to compete with others in the game, or simply to have a fun pastime, then we play to earn money. The term for it has been around for a long time: Play to Earn. Playing becomes work.

Innovative Technological Developments


Technical factors are the characteristics and impact of technological development.


Fourth Industrial Revolution

The rapid pace of technological development makes the world around us increasingly intelligent. This introduces change and a high level of uncertainty. Degree of change, degree of everything happening, and impact on society: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Management Impact, Volberda). The Tertiary Sector Revolution was still about the advent of computers and digitization, but today it is about a combination of developments from different industries.

Technology development to serve people

The development of IoT is also related to other developments such as artificial intelligence (AI). Many applications will receive some form of AI in the coming years. Artificial intelligence is a machine that exhibits intelligent behavior or action. This includes machines that can judge and make decisions at a certain level, understand and use natural language, and learn new things independently.

Such intelligent software systems are becoming more and more visible in the workplace, for example in the form of virtual customer assistants. It is important to see this innovation as a way to increase human activity rather than replace it. For example, devices that perform tasks semi-automatically or automatically without supervision, such as agriculture, cleaning the woods in our environment like using a chipper shredder, and healthcare.

Many technological developments are dominated by human services. Processes and tasks need to be simplified and made transparent and efficient. Developments in this area include blockchain technology, robotics, big data use, mixed reality, and extensive digitization where data processing takes place through the cloud and the edge.


Labor Market and Education Impact

In addition to the introduction of new technologies such as cloud services, big data, 3D printing, and robotics, there is also a complete takeover of production processes by machines and complete digitization of business processes and services. .. Technology makes work easier and eliminates the need for some features. However, new professions are emerging. Therefore, technology development requires employers, employees, and governments to think differently. Lifelong development is becoming increasingly important as the skills required to change rapidly.

It is uncertain how these ever-advancing technological developments will affect the labor market. The use of new technologies has always led to different demands for educational institutions.

Technology And Data Science Course

Data science combines several fields, including scientific methods, statistics, artificial intelligence and data analysis, to derive value from data. People working in the field of data science are known as data experts. They combine a wide variety of skills to scrutinize the data collected. The collected data are from smartphones, the web, customers, sensors and other sources. They use this to obtain concrete information. If you want to know more about data this you can enrol in data science course London.

Data science includes preparing data for analysis, including cleaning, aggregating and manipulating data for advanced analysis. Analytical applications and data experts can then analyze the results to discover patterns and enable business leaders to extract concrete information.

Data science and technology: An untapped resource for Machine Learning

Data science is one of the most interesting fields today. Why is it so important?

Because companies have a real treasure trove of data. As modern technologies have allowed the creation and storage of an increasing volume of data, they have exploded. It is estimated that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years.

But often this data is stored in databases and data lakes without being processed.

The value of the data collected and stored by these technologies can give organizations and societies around the world the benefits of transformation. However, only if they can be interpreted. This is where data science comes in.

Data science reveals trends and produces information that businesses can use to make better decisions and create more innovative products and services. Perhaps most importantly, it allows machine learning models to learn from the large amounts of data that are provided to them rather than relying primarily on business analysts to extract information from data.

Data is the basis of innovation, but its value comes from the information that data experts can obtain from it and on which to act.

What is the difference between data science, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning?

In order to better understand data science and how you can benefit from it, it is just as important to know terms in this field, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. You will often see that these terms are used interchangeably, but there are some differences.

Wood Paint | Materials And Technology Tips

Just quickly repaint a door? Not a good idea. It is better to prepare the whole thing well and be patient: The best tips for brushes and varnish, for sanding, priming, and painting. The shelf is pre-painted and shines new and fresh. But does the paint pass the fingernail test? Scratch the nail vigorously over the dry varnish and see where the color is. On the nail? Then the paint has to come down again. Because like a fingernail, any flower vase or bookend pushed back and forth on the shelf would scratch the paint. It would look scuffed in no time. It is therefore essential to work well before applying the first brushstroke of paint. But how does paint adhere really well? Which are suitable for which wood? Is it better to use a brush or a paint roller? And how do you get a nice, even surface?

Choosing the right paint
There are two types of paint: water-based and solvent-based. Here are the main differences:

  • Water-based paints – this includes acrylic paints: They are solvent-free, low in harmful substances, and low in odor. Perfect for indoor use. Many have a “Blue Angel ” environmental seal of approval on the paint can. Anyone who paints furniture for the children’s room or wants to freshen up wooden toys should take a lacquer with themDIN standard EN 71-3: It does not come off when children put the toy in their mouth or in a wet hand. Further advantages of water-based paints: They dry faster and with water and a little washing-up liquid, the brushes and paint rollers can be cleaned again.
  • Synthetic resin paints: They usually contain so-called volatile solvents such as turpentine. You can smell it. Usually longer, because the varnish evaporates it after drying. So not such a good idea in the apartment or in the house. You can only get synthetic resin varnish out of brushes and paint rollers if you bathe them in turpentine or brush cleaner. Then why apply synthetic resin paints at all? Because they adhere better and the painted surface is smoother and more durable.

Brushes and rollers for painting
The varnish has to get onto the wood somehow: with round and flat brushes or rollers in different sizes. It is a bit of a matter of taste what you prefer to work with. you can visit a buying guide to see different kinds of a high-quality paintbrushes. For water-based acrylic paints, it is best to use a brush with artificial bristles. Because pure natural bristles would swell – due to the water content in the paint. Only paintbrushes that are solvent-resistant should be dipped into synthetic resin lacquers – and that does not dissolve in them so that individual bristles float in the lacquer.

This is how you can tell whether a brush is of good quality:

  • dense bristles
  • a high proportion of long bristles
  • wide handle that lies comfortably in the hand
  • no “cheap brush hair loss”, ie stable attachment of the bristles to the handle.

And what about paint rollers? They are good for painting larger areas and for distributing paint over a surface. Good rolls have fine foam and rounded corners so that the rolled-out paint has no air bubbles and edges. There are special flocked rollers for acrylic lacquers, which better prevent air bubbles.

Prime properly before painting
To ensure that the paint adheres really well, prime the surface once – with an adhesive primer or undercoat. Ideally in the matching color to the paint: so no white, but a red primer for red paint. Stir the primer vigorously once, this is the only way to distribute the color pigments evenly. Then spread so much primer that the old surface no longer shows through. You can still see something of it? Then prime again.

Apply paint: “Finishing”
Before you start painting, sand everything lightly one last time with a fine sanding sponge. Then wipe the surface again with a damp cloth. Professionals apply paint several times, changing direction in the process. It is called “finishing”. And it works like this: First, apply long puffs of lacquer in the direction of the wood grain. Then “in a cloister” across the grain. In this way, the paint is evenly distributed everywhere. Finally, quickly paint one more time with varnish in the direction of the grain of the wood.

Paint the moldings
Mask off the edges of strips – for example on the door frame. If the frame has squiggles or other uneven parts, then paint with a brush, which is best for getting into nooks and crannies. Now you need a sure instinct for the right amount of paint: too little does not cover, too much paint runs down the noses on the frame.

Technology & Robux Gaming

Millions of people play video games every day. The gaming industry now generates more sales than the film industry. The gaming industry publishes new and exciting titles practically every day.robux offers

The technologies behind it are constantly improving, giving video game developers a lot of new options to incorporate into the games. Among other things, virtual reality is worth mentioning here, which could soon enrich numerous video games and make them even more immersive.

Other segments of the game industry, such as online casinos, are also constantly developing and attracting more and more users with great features and new games

The technology of streaming video games

Streaming has so far been used primarily in the video sector. Now technology is increasingly entering the video game world as well. What are the consequences for the gaming market?

The idea of ​​games streaming is simple. The video games are not charged on a dedicated platform on site. Instead, only the picture of the games is transmitted. The actual calculation is carried out by computers in server centres. The most important requirement is a very good on-site infrastructure, at least five megabits are mandatory. For higher-quality offers such as robux offers, you require at least 25 megabits.

Almost all of the major platforms in the video game industry are experimenting with streaming technologies. With Playstation Now, Sony already has a product on the market, as does the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia.

Technology: Mobile gaming remains important

Mobile games will become even more important for the game industry in the future than they are now. Many people are already playing on the go and it is not uncommon to see people playing their favourite games on their smartphones in the subway or on the bus. In addition, it is not just smartphones and tablets that can be used for gaming, but also special end devices on the market, especially for mobile gaming. These are for example the Nintendo Switch or the portable Playstation.

This development shows that mobile gaming will become more and more important. Normal computers or consoles are always tied to one place because a screen is also required. In addition, consoles and gaming PCs are very expensive to buy and almost everyone now has a mobile device.

Dealing with Numerous Technological Advancements in Business

The internet of things (IoT) is starting to take shape. This year will also be marked by the introduction of 5G internet, speech technologies, and Smart Cities. In the coming years, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will be added to the agenda. These trends and developments would have a major impact on not just our way of life, but also business practices of developers such as ‘android app developer.’


  • Acknowledge the opportunities

In order to make maximum use of these same technological developments, it is first and foremost important to recognize their potential. As a manager it is therefore important to have a broad technical insight into this digital change. Yet many managers indicate that it is difficult for them to show the time and energy for this. Recognizing the opportunities therefore implies freeing up time and budget to discover them. Setting an innovation budget annually is a first step in the right direction. That budget can then be used for participation in test projects, further training of the managers or to make room for new IT vacancies .

  • Dare to change

Dissatisfied user of new work technology Managers are still limited by their vision of ‘classic working’. Recognizing the opportunities is therefore tantamount to acknowledging the changing environment. This changing environment will automatically shape the new way of working.

Self-learning technology can also be used for automatic processing and cataloging of patient files or for smarter data analysis. 5G internet should allow employees to work anywhere. Speech technology will then drastically change the interpretation of functions. Knowing the technology and its impact is therefore crucial to embracing technological developments.

  • Make choices

Not every technological development will add value to the company. It is therefore important to make decisions based on the released budget. For this we could start from clearly defined problems, although that would also be based on an existing structure and could limit us too much.

Perhaps it is therefore worthwhile to think in terms of benefits and only make the cost-benefit analysis in the long term, without automatically falling into doom scenarios. After all, in the past, managers too often tended to label new developments as short-term trends, so that companies now face ever-increasing backlogs. With technology expanding and impacting all facets of society, such laxity can have drastic consequences for corporate numbers. Yet you will never be able to integrate all developments in the company: dare to choose.

  • Also consider the dangers!

Getting used to new technology Technological developments also automatically imply new dangers. They go much further than just missing the boat. We also see this concern recurring among CEOs. In the Benelux, about 33% of CEOs would therefore be concerned about the new risks related to processes and systems. Technological disruption and cybersecurity in particular would be feared, while only 44% of those same CEOs indicate that they are very well prepared for such a cyber attack. Budgetary concerns have not escaped the dance either. Nevertheless, many measures can be taken. We do not need to repeat that it is better to take action in the field of cyber security.

Watch How Technology  impact  your world of work


Discussions about the impact of new technologies increasingly demonstrate the need to measure effects on prosperity and well-being beyond the usual metrics of economic growth and success. These include, among other things, improvements in health, increased life expectancy, greater job security or more equal opportunities. Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and other aspects of digital transformation can bring numerous benefits to the economy and society there as well.

As part of a study, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) examined around 600 technology applications and analyzed the effects on companies, the economy and society. The aim was to find out to what extent new technologies can improve our lives.

Improvements through technology

About 60 percent of these use cases are based at least in part on artificial intelligence (AI). The range ranges from online training and digital employment services to mobile payment solutions for better financial access, online marketplaces for cheaper goods and services, adaptive learning applications that better prepare young people for the labor market, clean technologies for environmental sustainability, AI-based drug research and personalized medicine for a longer and healthier life.

Based on the case studies, the authors developed a wealth model for the introduction of new technologies. This model not only quantifies the impact of technology on economic performance (gross domestic product, GDP), it also takes into account other factors such as health, leisure and equal opportunities.

Technology change in itself is neutral

The study shows that new technologies are bringing about significant changes in the economy and in the workplace. But the same technologies can also help to better address some of the challenges. The study shows that this positive trend will only continue if companies use these new technologies in a correct manner. The potential of AI, IoT, and automation must not obscure the fact that technologies are just tools. This does not solve problems by itself.

Actively exploiting the potential of technologies

For the state and the economy, the study reveals clear priorities:

  • The state can help to drive innovation and improve the well-being of society; to this end, it should promote research and development, including in the health sector, the dissemination of new technologies through appropriate procurement practices and support workers suffering from drastic changes in their working environment with retraining and targeted transitional assistance.
  • With the use of technology, companies can focus on new products, services and markets, expand the skills of their employees, including using of technology, and improve employee mobility by, among other things, creating new careers. They can also focus on the many technology solutions that the study found will improve our lives. And if you want to improve your skills in growing plants, make sure to enter promo code 20as-256495 at checkout.