Underfloor Heating Technology Benefits


Underfloor heating is one of the most popular heating systems today. It is practically invisible and promises an even heat in the room.

Underfloor heating technology offers these advantages

Those who opt for underfloor heating benefit from numerous advantages.Underfloor heating Alkmaar

  • Underfloor heating is invisible and does not take up storage space with radiators
  • Underfloor heating promises cozy warmth throughout the room
  • You can combine underfloor heating with low-heating systems. This way, you can save money while protecting the environment.

In the meantime, Underfloor heating Alkmaar has become so popular due to its many advantages. You can design it as hot water or electric underfloor heating.

The cozy warmth of the underfloor heating is created by the gentle and mild radiant heat that comes from below. Cold feet no longer exist in a house with underfloor heating, even walking barefoot, the healthiest form of walking, is a pleasure again. You cannot deny the profitability of underfloor heating.

The underfloor heating also ensures environmentally friendly heating solutions. You can easily operate this with alternative energies. You may combine it with the heat pump or solar collectors. At the same time, alternative energies ensure further savings, because the energy is obtained more or less free of charge. Allergy sufferers are also well advised to use underfloor heating.

The disadvantages of underfloor heating technology

Underfloor heating also has some disadvantages that should not be ignored when choosing the future heating system. These disadvantages include the time delay when changing the temperature control. Refurbishment and installation are somewhat more complex, more time-consuming and also more expensive than with classic heating variants.

An important disadvantage of underfloor heating is the “sluggish” process of heating the room. It takes more time than with classic radiators to heat it up as much as desired by dissipating the heat through the floor to the room air. For this reason, the underfloor heating should not be turned down too much overnight.

One of the most frequently cited disadvantages of underfloor heating is the cost of installation and repair. These are significantly higher than with classic heating systems. However, the costs have already been reduced with the ongoing development of underfloor heating. Building owners do not have to budget for this heating system.

However, one disadvantage of underfloor heating technology still remains. After you put it into operation, you must first adjust it for each room individually. The living room has a different feel-good temperature than the bedroom or the kitchen. In the living room you usually want it to be cozy and warm. In the kitchen, you should find a middle since the temperature rises here anyway when cooking and baking.