Mobile Data For Internet Activity – What Uses Data On A Cell Phone? A Detailed Explanation

A mobile phone is initially built for wireless communication (call and text). A mobile network provider has to provide wireless cellular connection (also known as phone signal or network signal) to the device in order for wireless communication to be possible. This means that without cellular connection from a mobile network, your mobile phone cannot make and receive calls or send and receive text messages. Hence, all mobile phone users need to have cellular connection for calls and texts to go and come through between mobile phones.

Mobile network providers supply this wireless cellular connection through their own cellular towers. When you subscribe to a mobile network, you will receive a unique subscriber identification module (SIM) card containing unique details that would identify and link it to the mobile network provider. This small memory card is inserted in the SIM card slot that mobile phones are designed to have for that very purpose. With the SIM card already in your mobile phone, your device is now identified and linked to your chosen mobile network, making it possible for their cellular towers to provide your device that wireless cellular connection (network signal) you need for wireless cellular communication.

What Is Mobile Data – What Uses Data On A Cell Phone? A Detailed Explanation – Gadgetroyale

Mobile phones are widely known today as smartphones since more features were added and incorporated into the mobile device. These features made mobile phones “smart” with the added capabilities and functionality for the device to do more and beyond wireless cellular communication.

Today mobile network providers don’t only provide cellular connection for wireless cellular communication, but also use that cellular connection to create a link between mobile phones and the internet. However, that link doesn’t correspond to Internet access. In order for mobile phone users to actually use the Internet through their cellular connection, mobile data is needed.

What uses data on a cell phone? A detailed explanation – Gadgetroyale discusses mobile data and mobile data usage. For you to better understand how mobile data actually works, you have to know what your usual internet activities are and how much mobile data is needed for each activity. But before anything else, we first need to know what mobile data is. However, if you want to jump right into what uses data on a mobile phone, do read  “What uses data on a cell phone? A detailed explanation – Gadgetroyale”.

Mobile data, otherwise known as cellular data, enables mobile phone users to access and use the Internet. It is measured using Gigabytes (GB), Megabytes (MB) and Kilobytes (KB). 1 GB contains 1000 MB or 1,000,000 KB. Whenever you access and utilize the Internet via your mobile phone, there is a certain amount of mobile data that you need to give up or use. So, even if you have cellular connection that links your mobile phone to the Internet, you cannot access and use the Internet without mobile data.

Mobile network providers offer their network subscribers Mobile Data Packs or Mobile Data Plans. These packs and plans vary from one provider to another. How much mobile data you need from your provider will depend on your what you use it for, how you use it, and how often you use it.

It is difficult for mobile data users to compute their mobile data consumption using Gigabytes and Megabytes, which is why data usage is quantified through minutes. To give you an idea how much and how far 1 GB or 1000 MB or 1,000,000 KB mobile data will bring you (on average), below are some common Internet activities done on mobile phones and how much data they use. This will also help you determine the amount of mobile data is most fitting to avail from your mobile network provider.

  • Simple text email – 20 KB / email
  • Email (with attachment) – 300 KB to 350 KB / email
  • Music download – 4 MB / download
  • Music streaming – 1 MB / min
  • HD video streaming -15 MB /min
  • Web browsing – 15 MB / hour or 2MB/page
  • Facebook – 156 MB / hour
  • Live stream on Facebook – 3.8 MB / min
  • Instagram – 100 MB / hour
  • Twitter – 360 MB / hour
  • Online gaming – 3 MB to 300 MB / hour (depending on the online game)
  • Mobile app download – 12 MB / download
  • Watch YouTube videos at 1080p (highest video quality) – 20 MB / min or 3 GB / hour
  • Watch YouTube video at 480p (standard/default video quality) – 8.3 MB / min or 500 MB / hour
  • Watch YouTube videos at 144p video quality (lowest video quality) – 1.3 MB / min or 80 MB / hour

Why Hire An SEO Agency For Your Digital Marketing Initiatives

The world we live in today is highly technological and digitalized, hence all businesses need to have and establish a presence in the online space so as to grow as well as prosper in the present-day marketing landscape. Although your company may be adept in its field, it takes experience and time for search engine optimization to be successful, something that a professional SEO agency can provide.

SEO Agency for your Digital Marketing Initiatives

In general, if your business gets a high rank on search engines such as Google, it will become more profitable as it will receive more exposure and web traffic leading to potential conversions and sales. Professional SEO agencies are very familiar and knowledgeable of the A to Z and ins and outs of the algorithm of Google which is constantly changing as well as SEO strategies to aid in growing your business even faster.

SEO companies for instance, an SEO agency with more than 30 years of experience in digital marketing is An effective SEO strategy, an advertising campaign on social media, or maybe a landing page, whichever of these your business requires, this Arizona SEO Agency can proficiently do them and provide results.

The SEO agency has successfully run hundreds of SEO campaigns and delivered results. With their proven track record, this makes the best SEO agencies in the industry to partner with for your SEO initiatives and other digital marketing efforts.

Why Hire the Expertise of an SEO Agency?

Search engine optimization has become an essential in the digital space today. With the massive number of websites on the internet, your aim is to make certain that your website comes out on top of web search results. The more visible your website it, the more organic traffic you will get which will potentially increase your revenue.

SEO is a complex practice with numerous distinctive branches. So as to successfully drive traffic towards your website, it is crucial that you have a good and working understanding of all these branches, which a reliable and experienced SEO agencies have.

An SEO agency provides numerous services. At times, they offer their services in bundle or provide you a list of their services allowing you to choose the services you require. Moreover, there are several benefits to hiring an SEO agency. Below are two of the many:

  • SEO EXPERTISE. Since SEO agencies have employees specializing in particular branches of SEO, you can be certain to get results. As expertise and experience are valuable, these SEO professionals can provide you the assistance you need so as to improve your rankings on search engines.
  • Brand EXPERIENCE. Majority of SEO agencies work with different businesses across industries and with diverse niches. Every niche need a particular plan as well as SEO strategies. As professional SEO agencies experience with different niches, they know which plans and strategies would work best for your website.

Technology In The Towing Industry

Towing companies, such as Tow Truck San Jose, play an important role in the moving and transport sector. However, a lot of people are hesitant to contact a towing company when they are experiencing car troubles because of the erroneous perception that they need to become a member of an auto club to be provided with roadside assistance or the belief that towing companies are just villains that tow vehicles that are illegally parked.

The truth is that professional towing companies, like tow truck San Jose, could be very helpful and useful when it comes to providing towing services as well as emergency roadway assistance, which includes changing flat tires, jumpstarting car batteries, and fuel delivery.

How Technology Is Used In The Towing Industry

The towing industry isn’t highly technological, but this has changed over time. Similar to most industries, towing companies now make use of technology in various aspects of their business operations. Let’s have a look at how technology is used in the towing industry.


Technology greatly helps in running and managing a towing company. In terms of scheduling, rather than listing schedules manually, this could be easily done with technology. The task is much faster to do, more efficient, as well as less confusing. With numerous scheduling software and apps, clerical tasks are more efficient and organized.


Manually filling a client list and their relevant information in individual folders will surely take up space. Most towing companies have already incorporated the use of certain technologies and software that are designed to store and organize data. This lessens the need for physical space and tedious filing. Furthermore, if you do require a hard copy, you can simply access your computer and print them out.


One major advantage of technology is making available more improved and modernized tow trucks, as well as upgrades for older tow truck models. With upgraded equipment, tools, and mechanisms, towing companies can provide better quality towing service for their clients.


It is the responsibility of tow truck drivers to get to their destinations at the soonest possible time by taking the best possible route. The GPS technology helps tow truck drivers with this. Towing companies will also be able to track and monitor where their trucks are.

Towing Technology – Safety Measures For Heavy Duty Towing

Thanks to amazing technologies, heavy duty towing is made possible and easy as transporting or moving large heavy assets isn’t a simple nor an effortless feat. This includes moving or towing automobiles.

In many certain situations, towing services, whether light or heavy duty, are lifesavers. When it comes to heavy duty towing, attempting to tow a bigger vehicle or cargo using a light duty tow truck as well as other improper equipment will most likely cause damage to the tow truck, the vehicle/cargo being towed, or both. Making use of the proper equipment and heavy duty tow truck will get the job done right, quickly, effectively and safely.

Safety Measures When Towing Heavy Loads

While these technologies do make heavy duty towing much easier and more efficient, it is still imperative for heavy-duty tow truck drivers or handlers to follow certain precautions to ensure the safety of the people, vehicles and/or assets involved throughout the towing process. Here are some:

Check and Double-check Everything

When heavy loads are hooked up to the truck, this requires strong durable straps so as to keep it place and avoid shifting. Hence, it is crucial that you don’t rush as you fasten everything. When everything is already strapped and you’re ready to depart, check and double-check everything to make certain all is secure. This includes checking the tow truck as well. You don’t want to lose your load or encounter a problem with the truck once you’re on the road.

Remain Alert and Vigilant While on the Road

Make certain you are well rested so as to remain alert, vigilant and engaged while towing a heavy load, or even when driving in general. Driving while exhausted or fatigue can put yourself and other people in danger. If you need to do something extra to keep yourself awake, you can chew on some road snacks or hard candy. Listening to music can also help, however make certain this doesn’t distract you from driving.

Maximize the Use of the Recent Technologies

This highly technological and digital age offers so much possibilities. Hence, maximize them to make your towing service more efficient and effective. For instance, GPS technology can help drivers find their way. Rearview cameras can also assist drivers when backing up. It is best to make an investment in these technologies rather than having to pay more for delays, lost or damaged assets.

What Out for the Changes in Weather Conditions

This is part of being alert and vigilant, particularly for a long-distance drive. You might get caught in a storm or in severe weather conditions that can pose danger to motorist. If you spot dark clouds from a distance while driving on the highway, it may be best to stop at a local pit stop for a while, or perhaps spend a night at motel/inn until its safe for you to continue your drive.